you can call me pokkie, i'm 18 and i'm from brazil. i love jessica jung and her eight sisters. among others groups i like girls day, apink and red velvet. multifandom blog, i hope you enjoy

65/ Yixing gifs: Guards were screaming at fans to leave, and a manager tries to hurry him, but he stops walking and stretches his hand out to accept fanletters. 暖男张艺兴, happy mid autumn festival! 

collection of eunji’s eyesmiles for anon

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tiffany at tts’ showcase

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9/ edits of yifan in b/w ©




Tiffany: “The visual performance is important too, but as time goes by, I think I want to hear, ‘As expected, she sings really well.’ more.”

taeyeon performing adrenaline

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Title: Holler
Artist: TTS

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